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1. The big theatre

2. The Capitol

3. Lybico-Punic Mausoleum

4. Licinian Baths

5. Southern Baths

6. Brothel

7. Forum

8. Square of Winds

9. Temple of Caelestis

10. Temple of Saturn

11. Temple of Minerva

12. Small temples

13. Hypogee

14. Streets and houses

15. Mosaics, statues and inscriptions

16. Arch of Alexander Severus

17. Cisterns

18. City market

19. Numidian Wall

20. Dolmens

21. In Bardo Museum


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Hotels and alternatives
There is only one hotel in the nearby village of Teboursouk, the Thugga. This is a highly recommended 2 star place. Note that both Rough Guide and Lonely Planet seem not to care to much about the place, characterizing it as respectively "staid" and "overpriced." I kind of like the place, and find it quite reasonable. In August I paid 35TD for half board in a room that was cosy, clean, with AC and an inviting bathroom.
While the hotel is good value for money, real budget travellers might still prefer the youth hostel in Teboursouk.

Restaurants and alternatives
You eat in the hotel in Teboursouk, where you're strongly advised to rent with half board, saving you 6TD at the standard 3 course menu price. The restaurant is quite good, I myself enjoyed wild boar, and just had to spit out 3 pieces of buckshot.

Hotel Thugga has a bar, that is used mainly by men. In 2000 there were local women there (although not drinking alcohol), but 5 years later they were all gone.

Change Money
We have no record of any banks in Teboursouk, but the reception in the hotel might be helpful in exchanging money.

There are OK connections in and out of Teboursouk, with either buses or shared taxis.
The distance out to Dougga, however, must be done in a small taxi.

By Tore Kjeilen