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1. The big theatre

2. The Capitol

3. Lybico-Punic Mausoleum

4. Licinian Baths

5. Southern Baths

6. Brothel

7. Forum

8. Square of Winds

9. Temple of Caelestis

10. Temple of Saturn

11. Temple of Minerva

12. Small temples

13. Hypogee

14. Streets and houses

15. Mosaics, statues and inscriptions

16. Arch of Alexander Severus

17. Cisterns

18. City market

19. Numidian Wall

20. Dolmens

21. In Bardo Museum


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Small temples
Dougga, Tunisia

Temple of Tellus, the goddess of crop fertility.

Roman religion was an open religion, allowing the worship of many deities, as long as these were seen in the context of the wide, common religion. In foreign territory, the need to worship local deities was respected, and Dougga is a great place to see how it was all done.
At least 11 temples have survived, of which the Capitol and the Temple of Caelestis are the greatest. Temples like the ones of Mercury and Tellus were smaller in size and decoration, yet made from good building material. In addition there must have been a large number of smaller temples built from poorer materials, like wood or small stones, which have not survived the centuries. Dougga, Tunisia

Temple of Mercury.

By Tore Kjeilen