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1. The big theatre

2. The Capitol

3. Lybico-Punic Mausoleum

4. Licinian Baths

5. Southern Baths

6. Brothel

7. Forum

8. Square of Winds

9. Temple of Caelestis

10. Temple of Saturn

11. Temple of Minerva

12. Small temples

13. Hypogee

14. Streets and houses

15. Mosaics, statues and inscriptions

16. Arch of Alexander Severus

17. Cisterns

18. City market

19. Numidian Wall

20. Dolmens

21. In Bardo Museum


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Streets and houses
Dougga, Tunisia

While walking around Dougga remember to notice the pavement with its herring-bone pattern. The quality of the work is quite impressive, and quite a high percentage of modern stonemasons would blush if they would investigate the ancient skills.
There area plenty of houses of Dougga, and they can roughly be divided into two types. Carthaginian had entrance leading into a court, then with the entrance to the side into the dwelling quarters. Roman, on the other hand, had direct access into the dwelling quarters.
Dougga, Tunisia

The Dar el Acheb is one of the largest houses in Dougga. Its purpose is hard to decide, either a temple or a wealthy family mansion.

By Tore Kjeilen