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Photo permissions

LookLex offers any user free use of photos from our web site, provided you follow the following regulations for crediting and linking. Standard use of photos and maps should:

  1. Not exceed a maximum of 50 photos used with any domain at a single time.
  2. Credit the photographer, and LookLex.
  3. Provide a clickable link back to LookLex, preferably to the page from where the photo was obtained, or to the main homepage of LookLex.
Please use this standard html-code, or a code that creates the same output (about "ACTUAL PAGE" and "ACTUAL PHOTO LOCATION", see instructions):

Which in is case of a photo from the city of Marrakech in Morocco produce this result:

Photo by Tore Kjeilen/LookLex

You are free to change size, use borders, other fonts etc. Actual changes to the content should only happen with. If you need help locating the info you need to put this up, click here for instructions.
If the layout above doesn't fit the layout of your web page, crediting and linking can be placed away from the photo. But at no point should our free photo appear without clear and visible crediting and linking! Use of LookLex material without crediting and linking back will be considered a violation of international copyright regulations.
Should your needs exceed or differ from what is specified aboved; or you need to use photos in other medias, please check information on commerical use.
To obtain the best possible photos, check the information on our web pages.