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1. Interior of pyramid

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Pyramid of Amenemhet 3

Pyramid of Amenemhet 3 at Hawara, Egypt

Pyramid of Amenemhet 3 at Hawara, Egypt

Amenemhet 3 was a pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty and ruled for 46 years, from 1831 until 1786 BCE. For more information check the the Encyclopaedia: Amenemhet 3.
Amenemhet 3's pyramid at Hawara was his second, of some unknown reason he ordered in this 15th year of reign the construction of a new pyramid at completely new location. Not only that, the design was also different.
One of the most accepted theories for this, is that the designers of the first pyramid had discovered that the walls of the first pyramid were too steep.
The pyramid at Hawara is not a great sight, although it is a huge construction. But time has formed it into something that looks more like a little mountain. The reason for the disintegration is once again the use of cheap materials. The core was made from mudbrick and the exterior covered by limestone. And when the limestone was robbed, the mudbrick would start to smoulder from sun, rain and wind.
The Hawara pyramid complex was a great attraction in Roman times, but not because of the pyramid. Rather it was the fabled labyrinth, which we hear great stories about with ancient writers. Herodotus claimed that it consisted of 3,000 chambers. This is clearly an exaggeration, but it suggests that it was huge. But, today there is little left beyond the foundation bed of sand and limestone chips.
If it wasn't for the ground water rising above the burial chamber of Amenemhet 3, Hawara would definitely have been on the tourist itinerary.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing here. Eat and sleep is either done in your base in Cairo or Fayoum.

Arrange for your own transport, preferably from Fayoum. The best is to do this as a day trip including Illahun and Meidum.

Going Next
10 km east: Illahun
25 km northeast: Meidum
15 km west: Fayoum
120 km north: Cairo

By Tore Kjeilen