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Pyramid of Sesostris 2

Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

Sesostris 2 was a pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty and ruled for 8 years, from 1877 until 1870 BCE. For more information check the the Encyclopaedia: Sesostris 2.
The architect of Sesostris 2's pyramid, Anupy, introduced a new technique of building a pyramid. As a matter of fact, there was a mound here initially, upon which the structure was laid.
Limestone pillars were dug into the ground, and then covered by mudbrick. This core structure was then covered by finely cut limestone.
Today the limestone casing is gone, and left is the mudbrick structure which now looks like a mountain from a distance.
As this pyramid was built about 700 years after the first, Anupy knew that time was every pyramid's biggest enemy. In order to protect the pyramid from Nile floodings, he had created a sponge trench, filled with sand and rolled flints.

Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
Nothing here. Eat and sleep is either done in your base in Cairo or Fayoum.

The best is to arrange for your own transport, preferably from Fayoum. Do this as a day trip including Hawara and Meidum.
You can get there by local transport. Get a bus or minibus to the village of Al-Lahun, and then walk the 3 km to the site.

Going Next
10 km west: Hawara
25 km northeast: Meidum
25 km west: Fayoum
120 km north: Cairo

By Tore Kjeilen