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1. Orientations
a. Figures
2. Koran
3. Theology
4. Concept of divine
5. Sharia
6. Muhammad
7. Cult and Festivals
8. Mecca
9. Cultic personalities
10. Caliph
11. Structures
12. Popular religion
13. Others
14. Calendar

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Islam / Cult and Festivals | Muslim Calendar
Arabic: ramadānPlay sound

Article about the Muslim calendar.

Ramadan calendar
First day Last day
2000 Nov. 27 Dec. 26
2005 Oct. 2 Nov. 1
2006 Sep. 23 Oct. 22
2007 Sep. 13 Oct. 12
2008 Sep. 2 Oct. 1
2009 Aug. 21 Sep. 20
2010 Aug. 10 Sep. 9

9th month of the Hijra calendar, which is used in Islam.
Ramadan is often used as a synonym of sawm, the religious fasting festival that fills the entire month.
Another important festival that takes place in Ramadan is the Night of Destiny. The exact date of this festival is not known to man, but it is believed to be on the night between 26. and the 27. Ramadan. During this night both the course of the coming year, as well as man's destiny is set.

Sura 44: The Smoke
2 Verily, we have sent it down on a blessed night. Verily, we had given warning, 3 in this night is decided every wise affair...

Due to differences between calendars, Ramadan begins 11 days earlier than the previous year, compared with the Christian calendar (see Muslim Calendar).

By Tore Kjeilen