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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Defense
4. Economy
a. Figures
b. Currency
5. Health
6. Education
a. Universities
7. Demographics
8. Religions
a. Freedom
9. Peoples
10. Languages
11. Human rights
12. History
13. Cities and Towns

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Index / Religions / Freedom
Open map of AlgeriaAlgeria / Religions /
Religious freedom

It is reported that Christianity has grown in Algeria during the 1990's, the time of civil war. It has happened in particular among Kabyles, counting a few tens of thousands.
Measures have been launched since 2006 to curb the development, establishing a regulation in which all non-Muslim groups must register to be officially approved. Preachers must also obtain approval.
Algerian law regulates that activities that threaten the faith of Muslims is punishable with confiscation of property, fines and imprisonment for up to 5 years.
Since 2008 a campaign directed against Christians was launched, with the closing of churches, arrests of believers. No new churches have been approved since then.

By Tore Kjeilen