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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Health
5. Education
a. Universities
6. Media
7. Demographics
8. Religions
a. Freedom
9. Peoples
10. Languages
11. History
12. Cities and Towns

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Open map of LebanonFlag of LebanonLebanon /

Lebanon is a country with many newspapers. There are 30 dailies in Arabic, 3 in Armenian, 3 in French and one in English. The smallest newspapers have circulations of 5,000. The largest ones are Al-Hayat with nearly 200,000, As-Safir and An-Nahar, both with 50,000. The largest non-Arabic newspaper is L'Orient-Le-Jour with 23,000, published in French. Despite the many Armenian-speakers, none of the three Armenian newspapers have more than ca. 7,000 in circulation.
There are 4 television stations, all with Arabic as main langauge, but two of them also have programs in English and French. Lebanon operates with broadcast concessions, in the period 1996-1998, many canals were closed down by the government.

By Tore Kjeilen