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1. Geography
2. Political situation
a. Rulers
3. Defense
4. Economy
a. Figures
5. Health
6. Education
a. Universities
7. Media
8. Demographics
9. Religions
a. Freedom
10. Peoples
11. Languages
12. Human rights
13. History
14. Cities and Towns

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Open map of KuwaitFlag of KuwaitKuwait /

Kuwait has 7 newspapers, with Al-Anbaa as the largest with a circulation of about 105,000. Other large newspapers include Al-Qabas with about 80,000, Al-Seyassah with 70,000 and Al-Watan with about 60,000.
There is a large number of weeklies and periodicals. The monthly Al-Arabi is distributed all over the Arab world in a circulation of about 350,000. Another pan-Arab magazine is the weekly Al-Hadaf with a circulation of about 270,000. An-nadha is published in 170,000 weekly copies, Al-Yazqa in 90,000 every week and Mirzat al-Umma in 80,000 every week. Many other magazines also reach a substantial circle of readers.
There is one official TV-station, and also just one official radio station in Kuwait. But most inhabitants have access to cable or satellite TV.

By Tore Kjeilen