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Photo permissions / Instructions

These instructions apply to a standard PC. Use the code provided by LookLex, and by identify following these steps 1 to 3, identify the address of the photo (ACTUAL PHOTO LOCATION) and the link back to LookLex (ACTUAL PAGE):

1. Right-click the image you wish to use. On the menu appearing, click the lowest options, which in English reads "Properties".
2. Up comes an image, with several forms of information on the image in question. In the middle, the "URL" is indicated. Highlight this with you mouse, and copy (either press Ctrl+C, or right click again, and choose "Copy" from the menu). You now have the ACTUAL PHOTO LOCATION, which you can paste into the code.
3. Lastly, locate the ACTUAL PAGE from the address line on the top of the page.

OK, perhaps this is confusing the first time you do it. But try to learn this, it is a useful general technique for everyone using the web.