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Article reprints

Any individual, company or organization can reprint material from LookLex under the following limitations and conditions:

  1. Medias are either the web, mailing lists, newsgroups or similar.
  2. Altogether, no more than 3,000 words can be reused.
  3. Links must be placed close to, and most visibly to the article(s) used.
  4. For every 300 words, at least one link back to LookLex must be provided. The link should be either exactly to the article reused; to an article directly relevant to the article reused; to an article that precedes or succeeds the article reused in an article series.
  5. All links must clearly print the central parts of the title of the article; i.e. "LookLex" plus the article title.
Should your needs exceed or differ from what is specified above, please check information on commerical use.
To find the best possible articles, check the information on our web pages.

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