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City of cliffs and bridges

Constantine, Algeria

Constantine, Algeria

Constantine, Algeria

The people of eastern Algeria must have felt unsafe when they made Constantine (Cirta Regia then) into the largest city of their region. Constantine can be found on the top of a gorge protecting the city on almost all sides. As so many other places in North Africa, the fortress and the city has been one and the same. Constantine got help from nature's side. The sights of today are spectacular, especially since this is a fairly big city.
The gorge cutting the edges of Constantine, can be crossed by one out of four bridges, like Pont Sidi M'Cid. But I'm sad to report that a serious environmental scheme is needed to turn Constantine into what it should be. The gorge serves to a large extent as a dustbin, and is heavily polluted by oil as well.
There are fairly little to see in Constantine itself. But the popular life is very good here, and people friendly. So forget all about finding landmarks, and enjoy people here. That is, when the political situation has changed in Algeria.

Eat and Sleep
OK on food. Very affordable lodging.

Air flights to several places in Algeria, among them Tamanrasset. Constantine is well served by buses, trains and taxis.

Going Next

180 km northeast: Annaba
125 km west: Setif
150 km south: Timgad

By Tore Kjeilen