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Roman ruins

Timgad, Algeria

Timgad, Algeria

Timgad, Algeria

Timgad, Algeria

Timgad was constructed as a bastion against the Berbers in the Aurès Mountains, by emperor Trajan in AD 100. The city was built after the best Roman plans, with shops, taverns and craftsmen selling from own stalls, as well as a forum almost in the centre, and a theatre just south of this.
The area where Timgad lies was earlier a fertile agricultural area, lying 1,000 metres above sea level, with plenty of water running down from the mountainous hinterland. But human exploitation has removed trees and soil, and the surroundings of Timgad is presently at the mercy of Sahara.
Even if Berbers and Arabs each have destroyed Timgad partly, most of the place have been saved by no new settlements on the spot, as well as sand covering it for centuries. A lot of Timgad is therefore in perfect condition. At least all that is below half a metre high. Some high constructions, like the theatre and Trajan's Arch still stand. The theatre is used for happenings even today.

Eat and Sleep
OK eating, but settle for sleeping in Batna, 35 km from Timgad (when you go here, you come to Batna first, so that should be easy).

Frequent buses and taxis.

Going Next
150 km north: Constantine
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By Tore Kjeilen