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Almost France

Annaba, Algeria

Annaba, Algeria

Annaba, Algeria

Very much like Algiers, Annaba is a refuge for those with a need for European atmosphere during their stay in Algeria. As Annaba is a sea port and the centre of one of Algeria's most fertile regions, the city became very popular among French colonialists. The structure of today's Annaba reflects this very much. The green main street, now wisely called Cours de la Rêvolution has a vibrant afternoon and early evening life. And the horizon to the south is strongly dominated by the picturesque basilica of St. Augustine, which brings your mind to the contemporary Sacre Coeur in Paris.
The choice of the French colonialists to erect a church to Augustine can seem odd in this Muslim country, but it is not. Augustine acted as a bishop from 396 to 430 just here. For his Hippo Regius is present Annaba. Augustine, perhaps not the great thinker that somebody claims, is among those giving shape and content to the learning of the Catholic church.

Eat and Sleep
Not too good on restaurants, you will have to go for fast food. Lodging is good in all price classes.

Air flights to other Algerian cities, and also some to France. Frequent trains and buses, as well as taxis. Annaba is also a ferry port for ferries going to Marseilles.

Going Next
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By Tore Kjeilen