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The amusing city

Setif, Algeria

Setif, Algeria

Of no apparent reason a huge amusement park has been put up here in this medium sized town. And it's right in the middle of it, too. The park, one block away from the main street is filling up half of the centre of Setif, and a lot of the local's attention and activities are connected to it.
The whole construction is quite well-kept, and offers many kinds of amusements for the children, an artificial lake, fountains and a small zoo. Right west of the park lie the ruins of a Byzantine fortress, and to the east an acceptable archeological museum.

Eat and Sleep
OK eating. Hotels both for budgeters and those with more money. No stash hotels, though.

Good connections with buses and trains. Some taxis too.

Going Next
125 km northwest: Bejaia
300 km west: Algiers
125 km east: Constantine

By Tore Kjeilen