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Sidi Meta

Sidi Meta

1. Scenes

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The most beautiful troglodytes
Sidi Meta, Tunisia

Overlooking one of the many holes in the ground, this photo also illustrates how the entrance is arranged, and decorated in Sidi Meta. Best is the entrance to the right.

Sidi Meta, Tunisia

This is the "gate" to Sidi Meta. I'm not totally satisfied with this photo, as the actual driving down into this village was quite beautiful and exciting. You, see after that I had seen all the tourist buses pass by the turn-off to Sidi Meta, I felt like privileged to be the only stranger here.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Spend your night in Matmata (5 km).

Restaurants and alternatives
As above.

Change Money
If your hotel in Matmata cannot change money, do this in Gabes (45 km).

Nothing. You will have to arrange for transport in Matmata (a bit difficult) or in Gabes.

By Tore Kjeilen