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1. Going down the troglodytes

2. Star Wars location

3. Interior of troglodytes

4. The landscape


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Star Wars setting

Matmata is so great that it is about to become destroyed. The town is a must-see for tourists to Tunisia, and from early morning till late afternoon bus load after bus load arrive in this small village.
Matmata's fame comes from the unusual houses – instead of building the houses, they were dug vertically into the ground.
Thanks to Matmata's attractions and many tourists, what could have been atmosphere is since long gone. The locals are not friendly, and the ones who seem to be, act with your money in mind. When a family invites you in, prepare to buy handicrafts, or at least pay for each and every photo you make!
But do not let this stop you, the trick of avoiding the thickest crowds is to spend the night in Matmata, and get up early. Until 9 o'clock Matmata is still tranquil, and not too hot.
Due to it's extraordinary form, Matmata was the location for disco scene in the first Star Wars film. Before you leave for Tunisia, try to see the film first, then you go on to experience Matmata.

By Tore Kjeilen