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1. Greatness in rubble

2. Mosaics of Liberii Villa

3. Houses, more baths

4. Baths of bats

5. The finest aqueduct


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The beautiful amphitheatre

Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna may very well become a great tourist attraction some time in the future at the level of Dougga and El Jem. Its location, between Tunis and Hammamet, makes it ideal for tour groups.
Although quite a lot have been well excavated, much still lies under rubble.
But still, you may easily have the whole place to yourself.
Oudna's amphitheatre is impressive even when compared with the larger one of El Jem. It could seat as much as 16,000 spectators. It was actually the 3rd largest in North Africa in Roman times.
About half of the seats have been restored. Even the iron fence between the front seats and the field has been reconstructed. The restoration is of a kind that will not appeal to all; most of what you see is not original. Still, I will argue, that a total restoration has a purpose, as it will give the most correct image of Romans themselves saw. A more genuine version will of course always be the one at El Jem.
Oudna, Tunisia

There is nothing to aid the traveller in Oudna itself, but it fortunately lies close to Tunis or Hammamet.
Getting there requires a bit of planning. You may either catch a bus to the village of Ferch el Annabi, or hire a taxi for the journey.
New is it that there is an entrance fee of 1.1TD plus 1TD. But the area is not fenced off, should that be too expensive for you.

By Tore Kjeilen