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1. Greatness in rubble

2. Mosaics of Liberii Villa

3. Houses, more baths

4. Baths of bats

5. The finest aqueduct


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The finest mosaics
Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna, Tunisia

You should have heard me shout when I discovered the near perfect mosaic floor in the House of Liberii. It is without doubt the finest Roman mosaic in situ in all of Tunisia, perhaps only challenged by the one in the House of Amphitrite at Bulla Regia.
Only bad thing that the original is in the Bardo Musuem in Tunis. But the copy feels more than real enough.
The artistic quality may be debated, there are many examples of more creativity and better understanding of form. But it does at least have an interesting style! It shows Ikarios giving a vine to the king of Attica. Just in front of it, a smaller mosaic shows hunting scenes (3rd photo).
Further to the side, there is another perfect mosaic floor. Smaller, it still has a nicer design (lowest photo). It depicts agriculture some 2000 years ago!
If you come out here, it may be a good idea to bring a bottle of water, as there is a thin layer of dust over the mosaics. On the lower photo you can see what difference a little bit of rain does.
Oudna, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen