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1. Landscape of white domes


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Houses underneath, angry kids above
Haddej, Tunisia

I have to be honest: I found it hard to enjoy myself when I visited Haddej. There aren't all too many troglodyte dwellings to see, and the ones you can locate are mostly in bad shape.
And the kids that keep following you around are more annoying than any other place I have visited. If they don't get paid after leading you to some other troglodyte dwelling than the one you wanted to see (most families owning a troglodyte dwelling charge entrance fees, so there is money to earn for the clever kids), they react with throwing stones and spitting on you. And local adults seem to think that this is good behaviour.

Haddej, Tunisia

Should you decide to visit Haddej — which there is little reason to do, despite that some travel guide books will try to make you believe that it is just as good as Matmata — the marriage cave and the partly used dwelling (on photo above) to the right from the entrance to the village are your best bets.

By Tore Kjeilen