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1. The old houses along the mountain side


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Sanctuary and the city
Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

It is quite visible form the Ghoumrassen of modern days. The sanctuary, or zawiyya, is built around the holy man (marabout) Sidi Moussa Ben Abdallah

Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

Closer to the zawiyya, you realize that this is one the sights that are best viewed from a certain distance. At this range you can see that the craft of the building is not terribly great.

Ghoumrassen, Tunsia

Ghoumrassen is finally a place here in Jebel Haouia (between Medenine and Tatouine, to the west) where both the modern town and the old one are interesting and impressive. The modern one is a delightful city (yes, not a village!) squeezed into the river valley between the mountains. The streets are busy but friendly, but no matter where you might walk, you will be able to spot the surrounding mountains, or even better, the sanctuary perched on a cliff right over the centre.
Ghoumrassen has a very popular Friday suuq, and the town is known for its olive oil as well as a special type of doughnut called ftair.
Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen