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1. Town ksour

2. Modern town


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Junction of the south
Medenine, Tunisia

Medenine, Tunisia

Medenine has to carry its part of the burdens that modern constructions and city planning bring. The city has not been left much honour among several guide-authors, but is actually a very charming and lively city, where big trees run along the streets.
Despite this, Medenine is a popular with photographers, and as these pages indicate, the traditional structures are far from uninteresting.
The ghurfas, storage houses for grain, make good photos, they are well-kept, and has colour added from the souvenir- and carpet shops in and around them.
Medenine's transformation into a modern town since the 1920's, has resulted in the demolition of large ghurfa quarters. Fortunately, what remains is safe for the future.
In addition to the ghurfas, Medinine has also go a colourful fruit and vegetable market.

By Tore Kjeilen