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Napatan ruins

In the time of the Cush, two places along the Nile competed on being capital, Napata and Meroe. This fight shall have been strongest after the time when the Cush had been sacked from Egypt (they had been making up the 25th dynasty). The Cush remained one of the strongest forces in northeastern Africa from around 800 BC until around 0.

From Nuri

Merowe and Nuri lie on the other side of the Nile from Karima, Nuri 10 km east of Merowe. Most of what once were is now gone, and visiting these places without a feeling of the historical past, will result in a disappointment. It is the ruins of Nuri that are best. What is left are some few structures on what were the burial ground.

Eat and Sleep
You can get some food on something to eat in Merowe, but you better go back to Karima for the night. If transportation allows.

Buses run between Merowe and Nuri. The crossing of the Nile is done in a ferry. This ferry is lands on a riverbank some kilomtres south of Karima. Connections between the landing point and Karima is done in minibuses. Apart from all the means of locomotion, transportation runs fairly smoothly.

Going Next
Acoss the river: Karima

By Tore Kjeilen