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The royal city

The kingdom of Meroe existed in 1,200 years, only to continue in the shape of the kingdom of Nubia, which lasted another 1,100 years. Of these two kingdoms, Meroe was a great power in its days, strong enough to eat up Egypt for half a century. The region managed to impress the people of its time, housing agricultural achievements and efficient iron industry, a high culture, where an own alphabet was developed. And the pyramids have a distinct and elegant style, even if they're far smaller than the ones we find in Egypt.
The area is large enough to fill a days wanderings. Even if things are only partly excavated, and not restored, you can get a pretty good view of what has been. The pyramids around are burial monuments, and between the railway line and the Nile, a temple to the god Amun is found.

Eat and Sleep
Very difficult. Simple accommodation in a village close to the ruin area. Going back to Atbara or to Shendi will be very tempting, even if it will take a couple of hours either way.

Train is the best way to move up and down the Nile, but buses and lorries are another option.

Going Next
100 km north: Atbara
50 km south: Shendi

By Tore Kjeilen