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Market town on the Nile

Apart from being a convenient stop over on the route going south, little makes Karima distinct. The place is centre for a market where people come from the surrounding districts to sell and shop. This happens twice a week. It's reported that temperatures here can come up into the 50s (Celsius, that is).
But very close to Karima, only a couple of kilometres to the south, an impressive temple complex lies. On the hill top simply called jabal, mountain, the Temple of Amun lies. This was close to as big as the temple in Karnak, and served as a religious centre for the Cush.

Eat and Sleep
Very little on food, settle for the Sudanese style of fast food (fuul and tamiyya). Some few places to sleep, but don't expect much comfort.

Trains run from Karima in direction Atbara, from where both Wadi Halfa and Omdurman are possibilities. Buses bring you anywhere you want to go up here, and if your pillow is not worn out after the trip to Karima, bring it along. Shared taxis (they're called boksi here) could well be your best choice. Romantics can jump on one of the steamers going down the river to Dongola.

Going Next
30 km south: Merowe & Nuri
250 km northwest: Dongola
400 km east: Atbara

By Tore Kjeilen