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Villa Sileen

Villa Sileen

1. The exterior and the sea

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The splendid summer house

Villa Sileen, Libya

Villa Sileen, Libya

Villa Sileen, Libya

This destination is actually just what the name indicates; a villa. But being of 20 rooms, adorned like no other building from ancient times in North Africa, this is a must-see for a Libya tour.
The villa belongs to Byzantine times, and was as a leisure home for one of Leptis Magna's wealthiest families.
Every floor has its own unique mosaics. Many show human figures, which are bordered by intricate patterns. Most walls have frescoes of humans and pastoral scenes. Walls of the baths are in marble.
The experience continues out into the garden, which faces the sea. Even here, there are beautiful mosaics.
The villa is still undergoing restoration, but you can arrange for a permit to visit from Leptis Magna.

Villa Sileen, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Same as for Leptis Magna. Al-Khoms is the closest city with good amenities.

This is the difficult part. There is no public transportation out here, and roads are partly terrible. If travelling outside a tour group, you either have to walk (1-2 hours each way), or arrange for taxi. The latter is quite expensive, since the roads are poor.

Going Next
9 km southeast: Al-Khoms
12 km east: Leptis Magna

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By Tore Kjeilen