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Almost a tourist destination

Al-Khoms, Libya

From the mountains and forests right above al-Khoms.

Al-Khoms, Libya

Al-Khoms is by all means a friendly place. Being a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants it provides all services you expect in Libya. Still, being a city of progress, many areas are not pretty to watch.
Al-Khoms runs along a beach which is open to the public. Should you wish to explore the city, the closest thing to a sight is the Mosque of Ali Pasha. It is a nice view, with an unusual dome, but is not historically important.

Eat and Sleep
Quite good on hotels, ranging from cheap to good standard. Last reports tell about just a few decent restaurants, with basic joints as the alternatives.

To and from al-Khoms, shared taxis is the best option. It takes about 1.5 hour to or from Tripoli. Buses are supposed to connect to Benghazi, taking more than 10 hours.
Moving around the area, including the sights, is done with local shared taxis or micros.

Going Next
3 km east: Leptis Magna
12 km northwest: Villa Sileen
30 km southeast: Zliten
120 km west: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen