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Ghurfas in good condition

Kabaw, Libya

Kabaw, Libya

While the old Kabaw village is almost all in shambles, and its inhabitants relocated to dull, new houses, the old village still has areas indicating how live once was.
Most interesting, however, are the ghurfas or ksar, the granary built by the local Berbers, dating 700 years back in time. The inner courtyard has a tomb built around a local religious leader.
In April, there is a festival in Kabaw, known as the Qasr Festival. Here Berber culture comes alive, but it is also a time for important events like weddings.

Eat and Sleep
No hotels or restaurants.

No buses or shared taxis, but it should be possible to get off, and hopefully on, the bus from a road junction, either 10 km south of, or 30 km north or Kabaw. If you don't have your own car, visiting Kabaw can be very expensive.

Going Next
75 km east: Jadu
50 km west: Nalut

By Tore Kjeilen