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Finest ghurfas

Ghurfas of Nalut, Libya

Ghurfas of Nalut, Libya

With Nalut, the Nafusa Mountains really comes to its westernmost end. Nalut is perhaps the most rewarding of all ghurfa villages in Libya, with its twisting streets. The entire town is situated on an escarpment with a great view in eastern direction. The old town has a huge ksar, made up of 400 chambers or ghurfas, used mainly for storing and protecting grain and oil. The ksar is more than 300 years old, while the mosque, Alala, is even older.
Entrance to the inside of the ksar is through a covered tunnel. There is an admission fee at 1LD.
Nalut is now being turned into a centre for desert travelling, where still the majority of travellers are Libyans.

Eat and Sleep
One hostel and an old hotel. A couple of restaurants in town centre, as well as the one in the restaurant.

Good bus and taxi connections with Tripoli and Ghadames.

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By Tore Kjeilen