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Berber hilltop village

Jadu, Libya

Jadu is an interesting little village, situated at a hilltop, but with a surrounding landscape far more arid than what is the case with many other Nafusa Mountains' destinations.
There are very few trees here, and agriculture is close to non-existant. The traditional village has lost much of its charm, as it is often in shambles, and also mixed up with modern buildings.
Jadu has a museum with exhibits of local culture.

Eat and Sleep
Jadu has a very basic hotel, which decent but somewhat overpriced. There are a few basic restaurants around town.

Buses connecting Jadu to larger towns, but there are also erratic buses to other small settlements in this part of the Nafusa Mountains.

Going Next
25 km east: Tarmeisa
40 km west: Qasr el-Haj
50 km east: Yefren
75 km west: Kabaw

By Tore Kjeilen