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Ruins in the forests

Yefren, Libya

Yefren, Libya

Yefren has everything going for it the day Libya loosens up for more tourism. Situated in an area of the Nafusa Mountains with scenic forests, the old yefren is perched on a crag. Resembling some other Berber villages in neighbour Tunisia, yefren holds enough structures to invite for an exploration lasting several hours. This area is one of strong impressions and colours, with fresh red soil, and thriving agriculture.
To some extent even the modern village of yefren is worth a visit, as the people have been adorning their house doors and walls.
There are many places to explore nearby yefren, a couple of old mosques, the village of Al Ghala (4 km to the north), and the modest but interesting Roman ruins of Safit (18 km north). Tasmirayt is very attractive with its setting in between the mountains. The staff at the hostel will be helpful with getting you to these places, and more if you like, and the costs will be very low.

Eat and Sleep
One hostel, and a hotel is under construction. Using Gharyan as a base will be an alternative for many.

Buses pass through yefren, starting or ending in Tripoli. There are only one in either direction daily, both early in the afternoon, so if you want to rely on these you will have less than an hour to explore yefren, which is clearly too little time.

Going Next
75 km northeast: Gharyan
50 km west: Jadu

By Tore Kjeilen