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Main site for the Garamantian Empire

Germa, Libya

Germa, Libya

It is hard to believe, that these regions of today few people and sparse agriculture, once housed the Garamantian Empire, which was so strong that Roman never managed to fight it down. There are two ruin areas, Garama and Zinchecra, about 2 km north of the little village of Germa.
While most of the ruins here now, are far younger than those belonging to the Garamantian Empire, you will find a fort, and a number of normal houses at Garama. Up the hill from Garama, the even older Zinchecra is found. This was used as a burial site, after the inhabitants of Garama moved down to the river, probably an expression of increased safety and strength. The city did originally get its water from a natural spring here, and credible stories tell of a large lake as well. The spring still exist, but of the lake, only salt beds are left behind.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels or restaurants, but camping should be a nice experience.

Buses between Ubari and Sabha pass through the region, anout twice daily. Taxis do the same run, but these tend not to take passengers along the road.

Going Next
150 km northeast: Sabha
40 km west: Ubari

By Tore Kjeilen