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Almost Gadhafi's home town

Sebha has little to offer the tourist except accommodation. And Sebha serves as a natural base for travelling in the Fezzan area, with all of its service possibilities. Within reach of Sebha you (with a 4WD) can get across the Ramlat Dawada area, with 11 lakes. In the very middle of Sahara. The setting of the lakes is striking. The sand out here is almost red, and it's real sandy, too. There are many strange things to these lakes, they aren't only beautiful. One of them has the quality of actually changing its colour, between green, red and blue, probably due to algae. Another is salt as the Dead Sea, but just outside it, you get fresh water coming up when digging in the sand. People from this area has been despised by Libyans in general, as they eat worms from the lakes. It's not worms of course, but a kind of prawns.
Sebha's own main attraction must be its connection to Gadhafi. Here you find the school he attended. It's said that it's here his political awakening started. Even if the school now is in normal use, looking in from outside, will give you the glimpses you need.
Eating is not as much of a problem as sometimes reported. There are enough places to eat here for you to change your place every day through a weeks stay.

Eat and Sleep
Sebha has a good selection of hotels, ranging from quite cheap to quite expensive. Value for money is fine.
Sebha has a few restaurants, in addition to the ones in the hotels. Reportedly, value for money is all over good.

Air flights to eiter Tripoli or Benghazi, 6 and 2 times a week. Unfortunately, there are no flights out to Ghat.
Sebha covers every imaginable destination with either shared taxis, micros or regular buses.
Provided you have necessary visas, permissions and guts, Sebha is also the place to arrange for the journey into Niger or Chad.

Going Next
150 km southwest: Germa
200 km west: Ubari
600 km southwest: Ghat
250 km south: Murzuq
270 km southeast: Zuwayla
350 km northeast: Houn
800 km north: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen