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Stop-over on the way south

Ubari, Libya

Ubari has a friendly atmosphere, but in reality, there is little itself has to offer of interest to the traveller. Town centre has a good old market, and some cafes and small shops. After all the travelling needed to get out here, this will start to appear like quite a bit to most people.
15 km to the east of Ubari, the Garamantian cemetery Hatya is located. Most is still covered by sand, but the graves are at times quite elaborate. After visiting other Garamantian sites at Germa, Hatya will be very interesting.

Ubari, Libya

Eat and Sleep
One basic hotel, slightly overpriced. Simple food to be had in equally simple restaurants in the centre of town.

Buses and taxis connect Ubari with Sabha, as well as with Ghat in the south.

Going Next
200 km east: Sabha
400 km southwest: Ghat

By Tore Kjeilen