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The dark side of Libya

Ajdabiyya, Libya

Ajdabiyya, Libya

Ajdabiyya, Libya

Ajdabiyya is a sad experience. It has been turned into a ghetto of foreign workers, and little has been done to make the place attractive. It could however be interesting for many to look into the expatriate community, as the place is crowded by Africans of many different countries.
For hardliners, Ajdabiyya has a couple of sites, but these are about as little preserved as the rest of the town / A few remains of an old Fatimid mosque, and some Roman inscriptions in rocks. Few travellers use Ajdabiyya as anything else than a place to change buses or taxis as a part of an itinerary exploring the great southeastern Libya.

Eat and Sleep
Two uninspiring places to spend the night, simple but OK places to get some food.

Ajdabiyya has first rate connections with the rest of Libya, north to Benghazi, west to Tripoli, or south as far as Kufra. Travelling is either done by good buses or fast taxis.

Going Next
250 km southeast: Jalu
1050 km southeast: Kufra
450 km northeast: Tubruq
150 km north: Benghazi
700 km west: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen