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First oasis on the road south

Jalu, Libya

Jalu, Libya

Jalu, Libya

Jalu is the main town of the oases of Jalu-Awjila. Jkhurra is another oasis that belongs to the same system / A valley of 30 km length, which sometimes is turned into a shallow salt lake. Water is coming from wells fed by underwater resources.
The palmeries of Jalu-Awjila are nice, but only impressive to travellers who have not been out into an oasis before. 50,000 palsm produce perhaps the best dates of Libya.
Frankly, there is not all that much to see here, but the place will be interesting as the population here is one of the ones least influented by Arab culture and language in the entire Libya.

Eat and Sleep
As far as LexicOrient knows there are no normal offerings of hotels and restaurants, but we have been informed that local authorities will be helpful and come up with a solution should you be stranded here for the night.

Buses and shared taxis to Ajdabiyya in the north, and south to Kufra.

Going Next
25 km northwest: Awjila
600 km south: Kufra
300 km northwest: Ajdabiyya

By Tore Kjeilen