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Tobruk, Libya

Tobruk, Libya

Tobruk has not been designed to meet the needs of tourists, and its present attractions are something as odd as war cemeteries, two near Tobruk, for allied troops. The German war cemetery is a bit further away.
Tobruk has become more lively than ever, thanks to the air sanctions imposed on Libya. Many come from Egypt to Tobruk, which is the first major Libyan city after crossing from Egypt into Libya.

Tobruk, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Cheap and very basic hotels, plus one very expensive one. Restaurants cover the same budgets.

It seems that you can get anywhere from Tobruk, it be into Egypt or in western or southern directions. Buses are dominating, and they have frequent departures.

Going Next
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125 km east: Egypt, the country
250 km northwest: Derna
350 km west: Al-Bayda
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450 km southwest: Ajdabiyya

By Tore Kjeilen