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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Defense
5. Health
6. Education
a. Universities
7. Demographics
8. Religions
a. Freedom
9. Peoples
10. Languages
11. Human rights
12. History
13. Cities and Towns

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Index / Political situation /
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Political situation

Moktar Ould Daddah 1961-1978
Mustafa Ould Mohammed Salek 1978-1979
Mohammed Mahmud Ould Luly 1979-1980
Mohammed Khuma Ould Heydalla 1980-1984
Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya 1984-2005
Ely Ould Mohamed Vall 2005-2007
Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi 2007-2008
Ould Abdel Aziz 2008-
Prime Ministers
Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf 2008-
Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf 2008-

Until 2005, Mauritania had an active democracy, where several parties participated. The country also had freedom of speech. All this, was a result of international pressure, as Mauritania relied much upon the goodwill of Western countries.
In few years, there have been two military coups, one in 2005, the second in August 2008. In the latter one, the democratically elected president and the prime minister were removed from power. The president put under house arrest, and the prime minister imprisoned.
There are promises of free elections "within the shortest time possible".
In retaliation of its political instability and unpredictability, Mauritania's membership in the African Union has been suspended. Also, some of the most important contributors, like France, have frozen all non-humantarian aid to the country.
Many public demonstrations were staged between August and October against the coup, but have since then been outlawed.

By Tore Kjeilen