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Arabic: 'al-¢arā'ish

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Larache, Morocco.
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Spanish style building, Larache, Morocco.
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Spanish style building.

Town square. Larache, Morocco.
The old prison, Larache, Morocco.

From the medina, Larache, Morocco.
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From the medina.

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Spanish on the rocks
City cliffs
Old prison
Stork's castle
Old city
Fort of small domes
Town centre
The church
Town at night
Spanish cemetary
Tiny ferries
The beach

City in northwestern Morocco with 110,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Loukkos River.
Larache's economy rests on fishing and local agriculture, manufacture and exports through its port. The port is located in from the ocean, at the mouth of the river.
Larache has excellent road connections to other urban centres, being right next to the coastal motorway. Asilah is 33 km north, Tangier 80 km north, Ksar el-Kebir 30 km southeast, Kenitra 110 km south and Rabat 150 km south.
Larache has two centres, the old quarters, and the Spanish town, both lying next to each other. Larache has many examples of interesting architecture, although much is badly maintained, and it is a little visited tourist destination. Across the river, Larache boasts one of Morocco's finest beaches.
Larache lies close to the ruins of Lixus, a town first established as a Phoenician trading post, but which now mainly hosts ruins of the Roman era.

2nd millennium BCE: The site of Lixus is settled.
Around 1000: Phoenicians take control of the site, establishing a colony here.
Early 8th century: Larache is founded by Arab Muslim invaders. With this begins a troubled coexistence with Lixus, for long remaining a non-Muslim town.
11th century: Lixus appears to have been abandoned.
1471: Larache is destroyed by the Spanish.
Late 15th century: Larache becomes a corsair town, involved in sea piracy.
1610: The Spanish king buys Larache.
1689: Larache is conquered by the Moroccan sultan.
18th and 19th centuries: Larache is involved in building wooden ships for the sea pirate cities of Salé and Rabat.
1911: As part of the Spanish conquest of Northern Morocco, Larache comes under their control, and is made into one of three provincial capitals.
1956: With Morocco's independence, Larache is transferred from Spanish control.

By Tore Kjeilen