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Ksar el-Kebir
Arabic: qasru l-kabīr

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Ksar el-Kebir

Ksar el-Kebir, Morocco.
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Ksar el-Kebir, Morocco.

City in northwestern Morocco with 110,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Loukkos River.
Ksar el-Kebir is the centre of one of Morocco's richest agricultural regions, serving as its distribution center.
Ksar el-Kebir is well-connected with other urban centres, 25 km off the coastal motorway. Larache is 30 km northwest, Tangier 110 km north, Tetouan 150 km northeast, Meknes 145 km south, Kenitra 120 km south and Rabat 160 km southwest.
Ksar el-Kebir has a old town which is still very much alive.

1st millennium BCE: Established as a Carthaginian colony, it would centuries later be transferred to the Romans, who would name it Oppidum Novum.
11th century CE: A new town is established by Arab immigrants.
12th century: City walls are built by the command of the Almohads.
1578 August: The Battle of the Three Kings is fought at the location of Ksar el-Kebir.
17th century: Sultan Moulay Ismail destroys the city walls of Ksar el-Kebir, after being angered by a local chief.
1911: Spain conquers Northern Morocco, and the town is rebuilt, and given a Spanish name, Alcazarquivir.
1956: With Morocco's independence, Alcazarquivir is transferred from Spanish control, and renamed Ksar el-Kebir.

By Tore Kjeilen