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1. City cliffs

2. Old prison

3. Stork's castle

4. Old city

5. Fort of small domes

6. Town centre

7. The church

8. Town at night

9. Spanish cemetary

10. Tiny ferries

11. The beach

12. Sunset


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Spanish on the rocks

Larache, Morocco

Larache retains much of the Spanish touch from the period of colonization, and is a summer resort very much popular among Moroccans, especially emigrated Moroccans on holiday in the old home town. Larache has much of what is found in other cities in this part of Morocco, cities like Asilah, Tangier, and Tetouan. Whitewashed houses, blue doors, close connection to the sea, and long beaches. But there are a bit more traces of the Spanish past than in the others.
There is a relaxed atmosphere to Larache, no hustling, lots of Moroccans with the best intentions in mind, little difference between the sexes. Social life in Larache is highly developed, with long mingling hours in the evenings. The long, clean, tree-sheltered beach is filled up through the summer with emigrated Moroccans, coming from several countries in Europe, using their new tongue.
A large part of the expatriates come from London, UK, which is signalled by all the young bouys running around in Arsenal football suits.

Larache, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen