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Open map of Western SaharaFlag of Western SaharaWestern Sahara / Cities and Towns /
Arabic: bū jadūr
Also called: Cape Bojador; Cabo Bojador

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Town in Western Sahara (Moroccan occupied and annexed) with 50,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate). It is located on the Atlantic Ocean, near a cape.
The main activity of Boujdour today is fishing.
Boujdour is linked with other urban centres by excellent highways, Laayoune 200 km northeast, Dakhla 340 km south.
The population of Boujdour is largely Sahrawis, with a substantial presence of Moroccans. The languages are Hassaniya Arabic and Moroccan Arabic, with French and Spanish as first foreign languages. Religion is Sunni Islam.
The cape off Boujdour is one which challenges seafearers, being a point where winds change.

15th century: European explorers try to pass the point of Boujdour, succeeding first in 1434.
Early 20th century: Becomes part of a Spanish protectorate.
1975: Spain abandons the region, Boujdour is taken by Morocco, and annexed.

By Tore Kjeilen