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Boujdour, Morocco

Boujdour, Morocco

The setting is almost picturesque: A fishing harbour, a lighthouse a bit out into the sea, and a long deserted beach south of the town.
There are not much more than a handful of people who live here, with an income from either bureaucracy, fishing, and serving the needs of all the people passing through on the long strech between Laayoune and Dakhla.
Boujdour's centre is not all that bad, with modern, if standard Moroccan houses in white and with balconies and colonnades along the ground floor.

Boujdour, Morocco

Boujdour hotels

Al Qods (t. 048 896572) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
There is one hotel in Boujdour. Camping could be done, try to find a place that is not too easily spotted by zealous police officers (you don't really risk much, but it can destroy your sleep).

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating is done in the cafés, but don't expect to get as much as you pay for. Boujdour is mainly an omelette-coffee-biscuit place.

Buses, and taxis. As Boujdour is an in-between place, your bus could very well be full! Taxis too. A stop here is therefore recommended for those with their own vehicles, or who is not on a tight schedule.

By Tore Kjeilen