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Arabic: 'ad-dākhla

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Town in Western Sahara (Moroccan occupied and annexed) with 75,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate). It is located on a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Oued ad-Dahab-Lagouira region.
Dakhla is a very isolated town, located some 550 km south of Laayoune the nearest urban centre. Dakhla is connected to other regions by excellent roads and an airport.
The traditional economic foundation of Dakhla fishing, but today the military is directly and indirectly the largest contributor to the economy.
Dakhla is a beautiful town, with a friendly mixture of Spanish architecture and more recent Moroccan structures, all buildings are in white. To its south, though, lies an extensive refugee camp.
The population of Dakhla is largely Sahrawis, with a substantial presence of Moroccans. The languages are Hassaniya Arabic and Moroccan Arabic, with French and Spanish as first foreign languages. Religion is Sunni Islam.

1502: Founded by the Spainsh, named Villa Cisneros.
Late 19th century: Is made capital of the Rio de Oro province of Spain.
1960's: Airport is built to Dakhla.
1975: Dakhla is abandoned by the Spanish, Mauritanian troops quickly move in making it the capital of the new province of Eastern Tiris.
1979: Dakhla is abandoned by Mauritania, Morocco takes control.

By Tore Kjeilen