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Ancient Sudan / Nubia / Cush /

Pyramid of Aspelta

Reconstruction of Aspelta's pyramid from Nuri.

Inside tomb of Aspelta

Reconstruction of Aspelta's tomb.

King of Cush 593-568 BCE, 25 years.
Aspelta became the first king to rule from MeroŽ, which was a much more distant location from Egypt, therefore also more secure.
Aspelta had several stele carved telling about his reign.

Late 7th century BCE: Born as son of Senkamanisken, and great-grandson of Taharqa.
593: Succeeds his brother, Anlamani, as king of Cush.
591: Cush is invaded by the Egyptians under King Psametik 2; it is often suggested that Aspelta was about to attack Egypt at this time. Napata is sacked.
580's: Aspelta begin establishing a new royal court at MeroŽ, further up the Nile.
568: Dies and is buried at Nuri, in what became the second largest pyramid here. He is succeeded by Amtalqa.
1916 CE: Aspelta's pyramid is excavated.
1920: A palace of him and his brother is excavated.

By Tore Kjeilen