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Climbing up from the sea

Bejaia, Algeria

Bejaia, Algeria

Bejaia is one of Algeria's most beautiful cities, situated between the sea, a cape and a mountain. The city itself with narrow streets never making a straight line, always climbing, is simply crowded. The city has less than 200,000 inhabitants, but the spot where Bajaia was placed hasn't really room for that many. But all this adds to its charm, and Bejaia brings your mind across the Mediterranean, to Italian fisher villages. Except for the fact that this place is all Algerian. The French never quite found space to make their normal wide constructions, even if there are traces of the French here, too.
There aren't many sights around Bejaia, only some mosques and remnants from periods when military defence of the city was totally necessary. The beach of Bejaia could have made this place into one of the foremost pearls of the whole Mediterranean basin, but it is so polluted that nobody need to warn you from jumping into it. But not far away from Bejaia some of the best beaches of Algeria can be found.

Bejaia, Algeria

Eat and Sleep
OK eating. Good choices for budgeters. Little for those with money to spend.

Air flights to Algiers. Buses and taxis connect you to places in all directions.

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By Tore Kjeilen