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Old volcanoes and wind

Hoggar Moutains, Algeria

Hoggar Mountains is for many the true highlight of visiting Sahara, but it is too enormous and too scarcely populated, to allow easy exploration. It is either done from Tamanrasset or from Djanet, and can be done with 4WD, or at foot. But it is demanding, and from Tamanrasset you will not get to see much more than the Assekrem circuit, alone of course extremely rewarding.
The dominating people of Hoggar are the Tuareg, one of the most "mythical" peoples of Africa, famous for their blue garments, and for having veiled men, and women enjoying a great deal of freedom. The Tuareg are counting their family by matrilinear descent. The Tuareg are far from the only people in the Hoggar region, there is a great number of blacks here, often descending form slaves of other parts of Africa. And then a good number of Algerians from up north.
If you are among those lucky enough to have plenty of time, you could extend that journey that would have brought you only to the Assekrem alone, and do the journey known as Hoggar circuit. This will cost you at least 3 days of travelling. The first village of importance you come to, after passing the Eremitage de Père Foucauld, is Hirafok, before you reach Tazrouk. The village of Tahifet, after the pass of Azrou, is a beautiful village that is set at a wide oued. At Tamekrest, there are waterfalls far more impressive than the ones at Cascades de Imeleoulaouene, which is all people going on the Assekrem circuit will see. Around here there are reeds and a number of trees.

Hoggar Moutains, Algeria

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels and restaurants, apart from the main cities which will be your base camp.

There is no public transportation for coming up into the Hoggar region. Your own transportation could easily be arranged, and bringing a guide is no bad idea, if not totally unavoidable.

By Tore Kjeilen