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Enter the rock paintings

Djanet, Algeria

Djanet, Algeria

Djanet, Algeria

Djanet is the main settlement in the southeastern part of Algeria, but is really not what you would call a town,- there are several villages clustered around the same oasis and palmeraie, none giving space to very much urbanised buildings and structures.
The setting here is nice, but once you have gotten this far out into the Sahara, Djanet has nothing new to offer you. Djanet is the place to prepare for excursions to the rock paintings of Tassili N'Ajjer, a process that can be tedious if you object to the inflated prices with the local agencies.

Djanet, Algeria

Eat and Sleep
The only accommodation is the camping ground where you can stay in small huts. Eating is also done here.

Air flights to Illizi, In Amenas, Algiers, Gharda´a, and Ouargla. No buses or taxis will bring you anywhere but to the Libyan border, but these 300 km will be an expensive ride. You could go for hitchhiking if you find air flights impractible or expensive.

Going Next
350 km south: NIGER- not reported to be open or used
300 km east: LIBYA
1,400 km north: Touggourt
1,100 km west: Tamanrasset

By Tore Kjeilen