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Circuit of Hoggar

Assekrem, Algeria

The Assekrem Circuit represents what most people get to see from the spectacular Hoggar Mountains. You set out from the "capital of Sahara", Tamanrasset, and can travel the area in a 4WD car, but expect to use the entire day.
The main reason for slow travelling comes from the bad roads, but there are many places that invites you to a stop. In addition to the mountains, of which you will be passing the largest mountain of the Hoggars, Jabal Tahat, there are the Cascades de Imeleoulaouene not too far away from Tamanrasset.
Half way through the trip, you will be passing the Eremitage de Père Foucauld. This was built around the hermit Charles de Foucauld in 1910, and is at an altitude of 2,600 metres a fantastic attraction. It can only be reached on foot. Added to the attraction is that this place is still in use, as a convent, still run by a handful of Catholic monks.

Assekrem, Algeria

Eat and Sleep
Accomodation at the Assekrem Pass, (half way, below the hermitage), food is more of a problem (sometimes they serve some, other times not).

Your own transport (you can rent at inflated prices in Tamanrasset, but price include driver), or join one of the trips that arranged into the area. These are either by car or by camel.

By Tore Kjeilen